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2024 Spring Season

Sunday, June 02 2024
Louie Pompei 1  08:00    Asturias 55-El Oro 553:0
Lewis Park  08:00    Vetranos 60-Bladerunners 6010:2
Lewis Park  10:00    Real Sociedad-Vetranos 555:2
Griffith Park 1  10:00    Chapala Bakery 60-Los Borrachos 603:0
Louie Pompei 1  12:00    Puma 55-Internazionale 550:4
Louie Pompei 1  14:00    Puma 60-Tapatio FC-:-
Open Date: Asturias 50, Bladerunners 50, Galaxy FC 60, Leones Negros 50, Los Borrachos 50, Los Borrachos 55, Puma 50, Xolos United

2023-2024 Season

Sunday, October 22 2023
Griffith Park 1  08:00    El Oro 55-Real Sociedad3:2
Lewis Park  08:00    Chapala Bakery 60-Bladerunners 603:1
Louie Pompei 1  08:00    Puma 60-Vetranos 603:0
Griffith Park 1  10:00    Puma 50-Bladerunners 500:3
Lewis Park  10:00    Los Borrachos 55-Tapatio FC1:1
Louie Pompei 1  10:00    Vetranos 55-Puma 550:3
Griffith Park 1  12:00    Leones Negros 50-Xolos United0:3
Lewis Park  12:00    Los Borrachos 50-Asturias 501:2
Louie Pompei 1  12:00    Asturias 55-Internazionale 553:0
Open Date: Galaxy FC 60
Sunday, October 29 2023
Louie Pompei 1  08:00    Galaxy FC 60-Puma 600:3
Lewis Park  08:00    Vetranos 60-Chapala Bakery 602:1
Open Date: Asturias 50, Asturias 55, Bladerunners 50, Bladerunners 60, El Oro 55, Internazionale 55, Leones Negros 50, Los Borrachos 50, Los Borrachos 55, Puma 50, Puma 55, Real Sociedad, Tapatio FC, Vetranos 55, Xolos United

2022-2023 Season

Sunday, April 30 2023
Lewis Park  10:00    Los Borrachos 55-Chapala Bakery0:4
Louie Pompei 1  10:00    Vetranos 55-Puma 552:4
Griffith Park 1  10:00    El Oro 55-Tapatio FC2:3
Lewis Park  12:00    Xolos United-Los Borrachos 503:2
Griffith Park 1  12:00    Bladerunners 50-Atlacatl FC2:3
Louie Pompei 1  12:00    Leones Negros 50-Asturias 502:1
Open Date: Bladerunners 60, Chapala Bakery 60, Galaxy FC 60, Internazionale 55, Puma 50, Puma 60, Tapatio 60, Vetranos 60

Special Notes Print

Notes From Managers meeting on 07/01/24

General Discussion :

Summer League will start on July 14thand will be as follows:

  • Roster will be frozen after week 2 and all players photos must be included by that date
  • There will be 6ea. Over 50’s teams, 6ea. over 55’s teams and 8 ea. Over 60’s teams
  • Over 50’s & Over 55’s will play 5 games and then there will be a 2-game knockout for the top 4 teams
  • Over 60’s will play 7 games

1.Games will be paid in advance to John in the amount of $560.00per team

2.The new fall season which starts after the Summer League will have new fees of $1880 per

team payable as follows : $630 before the 1stgame, $630 by week 3 and $620 by week 5

  1. 3.Alcohol is still a problem and any team caught consuming alcohol at the field location will forfeit the previous game they’ve played
Sunday 07/14/24 Print
07/14/24 Summer Season Week 1
50 Division
Puma 50 vs Leones Negros 50 1:4
Xolos Utd vs Los Borrachos 50 3:3
Asturias 50 vs Bladerunners 50 0:3
55 Division
Internazional 55 vs Los Borrachos 55 3:1
Asturias 55 vs El oro 55 9:1
Real Sociedad vs Vetranos 55 2:3
60 Division
Vetranos 60 vs Los Borrachos 60 6:2
Chapala Bakery 60 vs Puma 60 1:9
Galaxy fc 60 vs Tapatio 60 8:3
07/21/24 Summer Season
Week 2
50 Division
Xolos Utd vs Puma 50 10:00 Griffith
Bladerunners 50 vs Leones Negros 50 12:00 Lewis
Los Borrachos 50 vs Asturias 50 12:00 Louie Pompei 1
55 Division
Asturias 55 vs Los Borrachos 55 10:00 Louie Pompei 1
Vetranos 55 vs El oro 55 10:00 Lewis
Real Sociedad vs Internazional 55 12:00 Griffith
60 Division
Puma 60 vs Los Borrachos 60 08:00 Louie Pompei 1
Vetranos 60 vs Tapatio 60 08:00 Lewis
Chapala Bakery 60 vs Galaxy fc 60 08:00 Griffith
Under Age Players Allowance Print

Attentions All Team Managers & Players:
50 division is allowed Maximiun of 4 players 47 and older.
55 division is allowed Maximiun of 4 players 53 and older.

60 division is allowed maximun of 4 players 57 and older.

Congratulations fall 2024 Winners! Print

Congratulation to Internazional fc 55+ 2024 Fall Season League Champions !

Congratulation to Asturias fc 50+ 2024 Fall Season Cup Champions!

Congratulation to Leones Negros fc 50+ 2024 Fall Season League Champions!

CASL Rules & Regulations Print

The following CASL rules and regulations will be enforced for the new season starting February 18, 2018:

1. All team managers must submit a new team roster on or before Sunday 02/11/18.

2. Over 40 divisions: Each team is only allowed a maximum of 3 players 35 years old or older that is the maximum number
of underage players for that division, and those players must be highlighted on the roster.

3. Over 55 divisions: Each team is only allowed a maximum of 3 players 53 years old or older that is the maximum number
of underage players for that division, and those players must be highlighted on the roster.

4. Over 50 divisions: All players must be 50 years old by January 1, 2018 (49 years old are not allowed all players must be
50 in the calendar year).

5. On game days teams that decide not to show the CASL player’s card or players identification cards to the referee at check
in, will result of automatic forfeit of the game. No exceptions are allowed.

6. Players that come in late and do not check in with the referees and show proper identification, or their names are not
on the team roster, will result of an automatic forfeit of such a game. No exceptions are allowed.

7. All team Managers are responsible to verify the correct age of all the players on their team roster and make sure all
players including late arriving players are checked in properly. No exceptions are allowed.

8. All teams’ managers, players and spectators must respect all referee calls and decision during the games and must talk
with respect to all of CASL referee. We are a recreational league and we want everyone to be safe and have fun playing soccer.

9. No Alcohol is allowed on the park premises, teams that don’t follow this rules will be banned from CASL.
(All alcohol is banned from all public parks).

Special Notes Print

- The league will randomly check teams, in the 40 and 50 divisions, to verify players ages. Any team with under age players will
forfeit their games.

- The referees will not allow any team to hand write players on game day, no exceptions. Violation of this will cause the team
to forfeit the game.

- All changes on any team roster must be turned in on Friday before Sunday game.

- Team’s roster will freeze on Week 5. No exceptions.

- All teams must assign a team captain, with a captain arm wrist band.

- All fees for the new season must be paid by Week 3, and no later than Week 6.

- Alcohol is not allowed on any fields. Teams and players that will be caught with alcohol will be banned from playing with CASL.

- Team manger is responsible to verify the age of the players on the roster; any underage players will result in a forfeit of any
games that they played by underage players.

- Managers are responsible to check that the names of players that on their team roster must match to the names on the CASL
players ID Cards. Referees will not allow players names that do not match with the team roster to play until such a mistake is fixed, no exceptions.

Player & Teams Openings Print

All teams and players who wish to join CASL please call John @ 626-825-6777

Note for All Managers and Players Print

Alcohol is not allowed in any parks in Claremont, and drinking alcohol in any parks (Griffith, Lewis) is not allowed to all CASL players.



Please inform all of your players, effective immediately that the referees will not tolerate any verbal abuse from anyone (players on or off the field), any verbal abuse or confrontation with any officials will be punished by minimum of 3 games suspension, or life ban from playing at CASL.

To check in: All players must show a CASL player card or a US driver license, identification card or an original passport.